Icicle Pendant

nspired by the beauty of winter, the Icicle Pendant features 162 Precious Stones set in Sterling Silver. Freeze everyone in their tracks with this glistening piece.
• Handmade, one of a kind piece
• Sterling Silver
• 150 White Sapphires
• 12 Blue Iolites
• 6 Pink Tourmalines
• 4 1/2ctw in stones, all stones AAA quality

*all products are custom made and take 4 to six weeks to fulfill.


Free Shipping

1 Year Warranty

Additional Information

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Our pieces are custom-designed and usually, ship within two weeks. Some on-hand pieces ship faster. Shipping cost is calculated based on your exact delivery address at checkout, and transit times can vary.

We currently DO NOT ship internationally through the website. If you are in another country and want to purchase our designs, please call: 1-800-719-2675.

For engravable items: There is a $12.00 charge for engraving up to 8 characters. Please allow for a 1–2 business day lead time on all engravable products.

Standard Shipping Rates:

  • FREE on all orders over $125 (5-10 business days; time in transit not guaranteed)
  • Standard $9.99 (5-10 business days; time in transit not guaranteed)

Need something sooner? We offer express shipping as well.

Please note that our office and warehouse facility is closed for shipping on most Federal holidays.

We will provide you with a tracking number once your order ships.

Questions? Email us at sales@hdaniels.com or call us at 1-800-719-2675

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Why Buy From Helen?

Helen is committed to producing the finest pieces possible, to that end she only uses material that are sterling silver, 14k or 18k gold or platinum. All the stones are the finest available, whether they are diamonds, sapphires or pearls.

Our products are ethically sourced

We believe in creating our pieces responsibly and sustainably.  Not only is our jewelry high quality, but also responsibly sourced.

We love giving back to causes that matter.

At Helen Daniels, we love giving back to the communities we operate in.  In addition to supporting our favorite organizations, we enjoy learning about new organizations our customers love.  To nominate an organization we should know about, please email helen@hdaniels.com.